Popular Waste Management Sites (Beware! You need a few days to read them all)

Popular Waste Management Sites

Here are some of the best websites with great advice and ideas on how to reduce waste and live a more eco-friendly life. The community of Earth conscious people who understand the importance of protecting our planet and making it a cleaner place for future generations is bigger than you think.

My Zero Waste

Myzerowaste.com is a big blog with lots of great ideas from frequently updated waste related news to article on how to recycle and reuse shoes. There is so much stuff there you’ll literally need a few days to go over it all and of course, it’s all packed with awesome ideas.

The Clean Bin Project Blog

This is another great Canadian website with great waste reducing ideas with more emphasis on DIY projects, consumerism and cool green business projects. The main project talks about the realization that people generally have too much stuff which is killing the planet and if we want to protect it we need to produce less waste. The idea of producing 0 landfill waste for one year was born and you can follow the progress on the blog.

Wasted Food

Wastedfood.com is a great blog written by Jonathan Bloom that talks about all aspects of, as you probably figured, wasting food. Did you know that American’s throw away about 40% of all the produced food? This is a staggering number that really shows how big this problem is. You’ll find great ideas about how to conserve more food in your household and thus protect the planet and save some money.

Zero Waste Home

Zerowastehome.com is a more personal blog written by Bea Johnson, also an author of Zero Waste Home bestseller book talking about the topic. She emphasizes making your life simpler by producing less waste. You can find out how her family managed to produce only one jar of waste in a whole year of 2014. Of course, she follows with great waste eliminating and recycling tips and ideas that you can follow at home.

Have you found another great blog with a ton of useful ideas? Share it with us.