77 Easy Ways to Reduce Waste (+ saving money and Earth at the same time) I need to do the #5 next

77 easy ways to reduce waste header

Here are 77 easy ways to:

reduce waste,

save money,

save time,

while keeping our planet clean, garbage and pollution free.

Let’s start with #1.

  1. Buy products in bulk when possible.

The packaging alone produces 50% of volume of all the garbage in the world. That’s a lot of plastic, paper and other materials.

If you do a bit of research you can get highest quality products in bulk thus saving on packaging. Check for special offers regularly, take some time shopping.

You can save a lot by buying smartly.

Get premium quality foods in bulk, save money and packaging. Instead of buying convenience food in small packages, make an effort to buy more, but less often.

  1. Get some nice reusable shopping bags or boxes

Get a very strong bag made specifically for shopping to save on plastics. The plastic bags for one use are such a waste especially since we use expensive oil to produce them and then wait for up to 1000 years to decompose.

By using a reusable shopping bag you save Earth 1000 years of garbage plastic laying around. (or at least a few hundred)

  1. Buy reusable products instead of disposable ones

Sure disposable products are easy to use and a great convenience, but in the end we all lose not to mention reusable products are almost always cheaper than disposable.

A pack of disposable razors isn’t so expensive, but if you consider how many you buy over a lifetime you get to a pretty big sum.

  • Get a metal razor or at least the ones with replaceable cartridges.
  • Use cloth rags instead of paper ones in the kitchen.
  • Package your sandwiches in paper instead of plastic wrap.
  • Get higher quality products that will last longer.
  1. Sell the old stuff you don’t need anymore

Many times we throw away things that other people would gladly keep using.

When you are throwing away things, think if somebody would want to use them themselves. You can sell them if they are still worth something or just give them away.

Ask you friends and family if they need some stuff or just post some free ads online, on Craigslist for example.

  1. Get a more efficient car

This one might not be directly connected to the home garbage, but with this you can save a lot of pollution and waste on the Earth.

We product a lot of waste just to keep our cars running and driving us places.

If the budget allows it, get a newer more gas efficient vehicle. This way you save money and save the Earth from all the waste produced in the process of oil extraction.

  1. Make a compost

If you have the space around your house, make small compost.

You can build it yourself with some handywork or just buy the constructable one in Home depot or so.

Here are some good plastic ones that will last you a long time. AMAZON While the plastic isn’t the most eco friendly material, you’ll do more good composting than throwing away all the organic material.

Put in all your food scraps, cut grass and leaves and let it work. Nature will transform garbage in first grade fertilizer.

  1. Shop smartly

This is probably the easiest of them all. You don’t have to do anything else than just use different products with more environmentally friendly packaging.

There are many companies already making eco friendlier product that we can recycle or use pollution free materials.

Spend some time looking for ecological products that use paper packaging instead of plastics. Switch from regular plastics to plastics or metal.

A small difference like this can make a big change.

Why Stop Here? Here’s a Fast List

  1. Use recycling waste bins in your neighborhood for plastic, glass, paper, and metal (cans)
  2. Get classic espresso coffee maker instead of cartridge one
  3. Get a refillable coffee mug and carry it to your local coffee shop for refills
  4. Get loose tee mixes from local tee shop instead of using wasteful teabags
  5. Get refillable printer cartridges instead of disposable ones
  6. Keep your vehicle tires inflated at all times, you’ll get better mileage and tires will last longer
  7. Store your old vehicle waste, motor-oil , break fluid, old tires for recycling (give them to the local petrol station or mechanic shops)
  8. Change the position of tires, put front ones back after a while (they’ll last longer)
  9. Donate old furniture you’d throw away otherwise
  10. Buy used products and clothing when applicable
  11. Keep good maintenance of all gadgets and motors in your home, the longer the better
  12. Get a battery toothbrush instead of disposable one (it will last you for years)
  13. Grow your own veggies… a tomato plant can be grown in a pot
  14. Stop using air refreshers and instead use naturally scented candles
  15. Buy your food from a local farmer in bulk instead of plastic packaged from store (but store the food good for long term)
  16. Generally buy less food if you know it goes bad fast
  17. Grow some flowers and bushes around your house or just on the window to clean the air a bit
  18. Get refillable spice bottles and small spice pots to grow your own refills
  19. Get rechargeable batteries with quality charges instead of always buying disposable ones.
  20. Shop for stuff in repurposed and refurbished products stores.
  21. Get more information about local recycling, thrift shops
  22. Get wooden or paper Christmas decorations instead of plastic ones
  23. Save all glass waste and once a year give them to recycling companies (some even pay money)
  24. Send an email instead of paper enveloped mail
  25. Reuse paper ads as decoration, packaging or just for starting the campfire
  26. Have the bills sent to email digitally instead of in paper if the company offers it
  27. Stop using paper checks and instead get an online banking account
  28. Rent the formal clothes instead of buying it
  29. Keep good care of your furniture or send them to a local carpenter for refurbishing
  30. Get a library membership or read digital books instead of buying new
  31. Buy digital games, music and movies instead of hard copies on discs
  32. Go to events where you’ll find eco-friendly minded people (you’ll get many ideas from them)
  33. Give others gifts that will replace their disposable products (sneaky way of making others more eco friendly)
  34. Don’t use disposable cups for home use, get durable glasses or ceramic mugs
  35. When you do use disposable products, try to get paper ones instead of plastic (paper plates instead of plastic etc)
  36. Give your kids a reusable or recyclable school lunch
  37. Properly maintain your mattress it will last you longer and give you better sleep
  38. Give your old electronics for free to those who want it
  39. In winter keep your windows closed to save on energy
  40. In summer get good dark curtains that will block the heat
  41. Get used to slightly higher room temperature in the summer and cut down on air conditioner use (on average people cool too much)
  42. Get used to slightly lower temperatures in the winter and cut on heating (on average people heat too much)
  43. Get better building insulation
  44. Install energy efficient floor heating in rooms suitable
  45. Walk and ride your bike more often
  46. Get an electric bike if you’re too lazy to peddle
  47. Use the kids bike carriage as a trunk for grocery shopping (it’s healthy)
  48. When weather is nice, dry clothes on the line outside instead of using a drying machine
  49. Use better clothes detergent on lower temperatures and shorter program
  50. Learn how to use baking soda and peroxide for cleaning clothes instead of industrial detergents
  51. Always try to use all of the paint, oil or other chemical products, if they get old dispose of them carefully (sometimes) recycling instructions on the packaging)
  52. Buy only high quality electric tools and gadgets (don’t have to be expensive)
  53. Get an electric epilator if you use it instead of using depilation chemicals
  54. Ask around for a local “mechanic” that can repair broken stuff you’d throw away
  55. Get energy efficient light bulbs (can save you a lot of money overtime)
  56. Get movement sensors for your lights so they turn off automatically
  57. Get a solar shower for the hot summer days
  58. Donate your old cell phone if nobody wants to buy it
  59. Use hard soap packages in paper instead of plastic gel
  60. Get a hard shaving soap instead of pressurized gel cans
  61. Get refillable soap containers instead of one time use ones
  62. Always make sure the toxic or poisonous products are stored in good containers and aren’t leaking.
  63. Donate your kid’s old toys and clothes
  64. Always use the food in time so you throw out less
  65. Visit cool DIY websites to learn how to repurpose products and garbage
  66. Save all the gift bags for reuse some other time, just remember who you got them from
  67. If you have a good neighbor, offer to share the lawn mower together
  68. Get a water filter to make drinking water out of tap
  69. Reuse the plastic bottles to make your own beverages
  70. Share your own methods for reducing waste and pollution while saving money for others to see

Share this list with other people for maximum effect.

Do you have any of your ideas missing from the list?

You are welcome to continue the list yourself in the comments section. We’re sure there are many things we can do to reduce waste and live in a more environmentally friendly way.