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Bagster coupon & coupon codes

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Use the Bagster coupons above or get the best offer available right now to save some money. Moving to a new place or renovating isn’t cheap, every saved dollar helps.

More info about the Bagster

The Bagster is not just a product, it’s a wholesome solution.

While you do get a nice packed bag delivered to your home that you can use to store your stuff in and not just waste disposal. There is one added benefit to it.

Anytime you want to get rid of the waste accumulated during your renovation or whatever else you were doing, you simply give the Bagster company a call, schedule the truck and wait for it to drive off with all the waste.

It literally is this simple.

How big is the bag?

The bag has the capacity of 3 cubic-yards which is usually more than enough for a one or two room renovation, but if you’re renovating half your house you can simply get more bags.

You get a discount for collecting more bags at the same time

While the collection service is charged separately from the priceof the bag, if you have more bags to collect you get a discount with each one.

This makes it very versatile for whatever waste disposal needs you have.

Not to mention it is much cheaper than hiring a truck or other more traditional waste disposal services which will usually cost you a few hundred dollars per collection.

Moving in to a new house? Just built a cool tree house but you’re left with a pile of stuff you don’t need laying around? Get Bagster to take care of that.

How does the bag look like opened?

Here is a picture of a packaged bag, very simple packaging.

bagster packaged


And here is the opened bag ready for waste.

bagster ready and set


Is collection service available in my area?

You can easily check this by visiting website and checking by a zip code search.

Most of the populated areas in America are covered and the collection service usually doesn’t take more than a day or two.

Where and how do I get the bags?

Just like with anything on Amazon, the bags will be delivered to your home with a post service. Usually this takes only a couple days, max business 3 days, depending on where you live.

Is the bag strong enough to carry dirt and rocks?

Yes, the Bagster bag was made with home renovation in mind. When you’re tearing down the old walls you get a lot of very heavy and hard material.

It is made out of extra strong material that can endure a lot of force under different angles.

This helps it to hold very heavy loads such as rocks, gravel, dirt, wood and so on.

Actually it holds up to 3,300 pounds of stuff. Whoa!

You can fill it with the dirt to the full and even some more and pick it up and it would still hold it all together.

Unfortunately it doesn’t hold water, otherwise you could use it as a cool and cheap pool you can simply pack and store in the garage for the winter.

The reason it doesn’t hold water is because usually the bag will be positioned under the free sky. And when it rains it would get full of water that you would then have to get rid of before using.

Not to mention it would make the dirt or wood soaked with water much heavier. Now the Bagster bag gets dry automatically in a few days max.

Basically it’s really strong for its size and you shouldn’t worry about filling it with your household renovation or building waste.


  • Very easy to order online (Amazon) and gets delivered to your house
  • Also available at all bigger home improvement retailers, though usually at a higher price
  • Small, light and compact packaging to fit in any backpack (while packaged)
  • Made out of very strong and durable fabric (this fabric could be used for other things as well)
  • Very low price compared to the alternatives (dumpsters cost many times the price of the Bagster)


  • Might be too small for big renovations (you should get more bags)
  • It leaks water (this might be a good or bad thing, depending on the use)
  • Has a limitation on the maximum weight (3300 pounds, if you want the service to collect it)
  • Only possible to collect it when there is enough space for a collecting truck, it has to be min 5ft away from surrounding objects + needs 18ft air clearance (not very useful in densely populated areas with limited space)
  • Certain limitations to what you can fill it with (you can’t fill it with manure for example)

Can I use it for other things?

Of course, you can use it to haul around or store your own things, you don’t have to use it for waste disposal only.

It has many uses.

How about making a small garden out of them to produce your own veggies? If you live in an area where the dirt is not fertile or even non-existent you can get a Bagster full of dirt and plant some food.

Doesn’t this look cool? What if you would make somerthing like this from a bagster?

vertical bed garden in a bag


Here you can read more about it. It is an example of how a waste bag can be used to make small plant patches around your backyard. It looks pretty cool and saves you a ton of time and work.

Another longer video showing how to use the Bagster to a raised bed garden.

Ideas of using the Bagster bag

Here are some ideas you can use the Bagster bag for:

  • Use the fabric to make a tools bag out of it
  • Make a logs carrier out of it
  • Use it to hoist stuff in a barn under the roof (above the floor)
  • Use it to increase capacity of your trailer
  • Use it with a pulley to lift things up(to build a nice tree house)

Do you have your own unique idea of using the Bagster dumpster? Share it with us in the comments below.

Your imagination is the only limitation.

Is it value for money?

If you use the Bagster coupon code or get the best Bagster offer you might get the bag under $30. Fabric alone is worth that kind of money, let alone the bag with the possible additional collection service that saves you hundreds of dollars.

If you do some research on waste disposal services around your area you’ll probably find out the prices range around $300-$500+ per collection.

This is many times more expensive than the Bagster collection service for most people. While prices do vary depending on your location it’s still cheaper than traditional waste disposal with a box.

If you plan on using the collection services make sure to check the availability in your area.

How to check if the collection service is available? (step by step)

Go to website. This is their official website and looks like this:

bagster homepage

In the underlined bracket, put in your ZIP code. (in case you’re not sure what it is, you can always look for it online)

bagster homepage underlined zipcode

Click on “start now” and the website will check the nearby services that offer the Bagster collection.

bagster homepage zip search

Usually the list will show the closest companies first meaning they will probably be cheaper.

Simply write down their phone number and give them a call. Or write down their address if you plan on giving them a visit.

Remember that you don’t have to buy the bag from them, you can order the collection only.

To save the most money, get the Bagster coupon – cheapest offer available online and then use the collection coupon code to save money again.

Unfortunately there is no guarantee cheap offers will be available all the time, some come and go so if you plan on getting the Bagster bag act fast.

The coupons on this website are updated frequently, but some might expire very quickly as it is a common practice for coupon codes.

Where can I share a coupon I just found that works for me?

You can share it in the comments section for everyone to see, but to make this easier for everybody you should just send it to our email and we will properly publish it on our website.

The most commonly asked questions about the Bagster

Can I fill it with water or other liquids?

No, the bag leaks water and you can’t fill it with liquids.

Where can I leave it for the truck to pick up?

The bag has to be accessible with the crane, meaning 18ft vertical clearance and about 5ft of free space around the bag for the worker to attach it.

Here is a video showing how the collection looks like. Pretty simple huh?

How is the collection service charged?

Since you don’t have to be present at collection, the cost of waste collection will be paid by an electronic check or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover card) The collection doesn’t require your personal presence. But you can be present if that’s what you want.

What can I fill it with?

You can fill it with wood, dirt, rocks, old furniture, plastics… all the stuff around your house you don’t need except organic decomposing material like animal manure Bagster was made with cleaning of houses and renovation in mind, so while you can put in your old bathtub with all the old piles you can’t fill it anything toxic (paint, chemicals, batteries…)

How high can I fill the bag?

As long as the yellow strings on each side can come together for the truck to attach to, you’re good to go.

Can I reuse the same Bagster bag again?

Unfortunately, not because of safety reasons, the Bagster dumpster is one time use only.

Who is the owner of the Bagster?

It is owned by the Bagco, LLC, which is a subsidiary of the Waste Management, Inc., one of the leading companies providing waste management services in the USA and Canada.

If you have any of your own questions you need answered, please post them in the comments section below. We will do our best to answer them as fast as possible.

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The last question for you…

What was your experience with the Bagster dumpster? Have you had any problems or did you like the product and service?

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